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Welcome to Sustainable AI – a site to explore new ideas and technologies in artificial intelligence that will positively impact the way we work, play, and explore our environment and world.

From weighty topics such as digital ethics to exciting new product designs to tracking impacts on technology and consumer energy use, AI has the potential to radically change the way we think about our environment as well as improving our overall response to managing climate change.

We welcome you to join us on this journey!

Interested in a hot topic in this area that you would like to learn more about? Let us know in a comment.



One thought on “Welcome to Sustainable AI – Covering Smarter Solutions to Climate Change

  1. I’m looking forward to your posts. It sounds like the topics will be interesting. Digital ethics is a new thing for our times especially as in the past ethics was enhanced/enforced by community standards and community pressure but in the digital age, the community is global with varying standards that are local. New products is always fun and interesting.


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